Mike Pender sang both sides of the record. The title of the B-side is Iíll Cry Tomorrow written by Pender but credited to Pender / McNally. Once again the song didnít hit the charts in their home country but it did in Sweden (No. 14) and The Netherlands (No. 19)

Music Hall - Pye MH 30.947 1967
Nor Pye Records   7N 17308 1967
Sw Pye Records   7N 17308 1967
DK Pye Records   7N 17308 1967
UK Pye Records 7N 17308 April 21st, 1967
NL Pye Records 7N 17308 1967
Greece Pye Records GP-3282 1967
India Pye Gramophone 7N 17308 1967
Ire Pye Records 7N 17308 1967
Turkey Pye Records 7N 17308 1967
SA Pye Records PY 154 1967
NZ Pye Records 7N 17308  1967
Phili Pye Dyna Records Pye 440 1967

Greece, India and Turkey are countries where Searchers records were released rather seldom.

above: UK promo and two different pressings

above: Promo from Argentina below: Pressing used in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, covers were all different
above: Denmark, below left: Sweden, below right: Norway  
above: Greece, below: The Netherlands above: NL
above: India below: Philippines

above: Irish single, below:from Record Mirror

above: New Zealand below: South Africa

above: rare release from Turkey below: Promo from Argentina