October 1st, 1965 and it was time for the next Searchers' single. The one before - written by Chris & Mike - didn't crack the Top Ten so the boys tried an American tune again, this time Bobby Darin's When I Get Home. Mike sings lead with Chris doing the harmony vocal and Frank also supports the singers occasionally. The b-side - a rocking tune - is another Chris Curtis' compostion and sung by it's composer together with Mike.
      above: Promo and two different pressings of the single
Australia Astor AP 1159 1965
Denmark Pye Records    7N 15950 1965
Germany Pye DV 14421 P 1965
Ireland Pye Records    7N 15950 1965
Netherlands Pye Negram 7N 15950  Oct 1st, 1965
New Zealand Pye Records    7N 15950 1965
Norway Pye Records 7N 15950   1965
South Africa Pye Teal Records PY   61 1965
Sweden Pye Records 7N 15950 1965
UK Pye Records 7N 15950   Oct 1st, 1965



left and below: Australian release


different cover the record was the one produced in Denmark

above: Danish and Swedish record. Sweden had a slightly  different cover the record was the one produced in Denmark

above and below: German release  
above left: from Record Mirror  above right: Irish single belwo: Netherlands, two slighty different colors used for the cover
above: New Zealand below: South Africa