The concert was filmed at Hull on 22 December 1991.

The tracks:

1. Sweets For My Sweet

2. Don’t Throw Your Love away

3. Needles And Pins

4. Bumble Bee / Have You Ever Loved Somebody

5. Beach Baby

6. Take Me For What I’m Worth

7. Young Girl

8. Hearts In Her Eyes

9. Goodbye My Love

10. No Other Love

11. Some body Told Me you Were Crying

12. Sugar And Spice / Some Day We’re Gonna Love Again / Do Doo Ron Ron

13. When You Walk In The Room

14. What Have They Done To The Rain?

15. Whole Lotta Shakin’

16. Never Walk Alone

17. Sweets For My Sweet / Don’t Throw Your Love Away / When You Walk In The Room / Love Potion No. Nine / Sugar & Spice / Needles And Pins

Spencer sings lead on all tracks but Whole Lotta Shakin’ which is Frank’s part. Frank and John support Spencer a lot.

30 Glorious Years is the only video by the Searchers that was sold officially in shops although an earlier release was available - see below where Wendy K. Burton writes about that other version

Wendy K. Burton:

The other version was a "special limited edition", released by Pentagon Television.  It's called "The Searchers Christmas Show" but in smaller writing lower down on the front cover it says "30 Glorious Years 1962 - 1992".  The cover is in black and white .   

It certainly was not on sale in the ordinary shops.

The two videos are similar (because they were the same show!) but they have some different tracks on them.  Neither have a track listing, so I can't tell you the difference, but I do remember that "Walk in the Room"   was NOT on the "Christmas show" one, but it WAS on the

commercial release one.  And a few other tracks are different - because both videos are 60 minutes, and of course the show in Hull that night was quite a lot more than 60 minutes.

Of course on the "Christmas" one, they are singing some Christmas songs - that is not on the commercial release.   Also, there is no "Cliff Richard" introduction on the "limited edition one" - that was added for the release of the commercial video.  But on the "limited edition" one there is a 30th anniversary birthday cake brought on stage - and a telephone call comes from Cliff Richard to the stage as they cut the cake. That is not on the commercial one.   Also at the beginning of the "limited edition" there is an interview with John, Frank, Spencer and Billy.  That is not on the commercial one.

Thanks to Wendy.