Session Three: May 1967

20. Have You Ever Loved Somebody 2.34? <Mike & Frank) (Ransford) Gralto Music Ltd

21. Take Me For What I'm Worth 2.44 <Mike> (Sloan) Universal/ MCA Music Ltd

22. Western Union 2.35 <Mike> (Rabun, Ezel, Durrill) Jetstar Pub Ltd

23. When You Walk In The Room 2.37 <Mike & Frank> (DeShannon) EMI United Partnership Ltd

24. Needles And Pins 2.11 <Mike, Frank & John> (Bono, Nietzsche) EMI United Partnership Ltd

25   See See Rider / Jenny Take A Ride (Medley) <Mike & Frank>

Taken from the booklet:

In many respects, the final show heard here is the most intriguing as 1967 is a largely undocumented period in The Searchers history. They issued Western Union penultimate Pye single, in April 1967. By then, it had been over a year since their last album, December 1965's Take Me For What I 'm Worth, Their last top 50 entry was October 1966 'Have You Ever Loved Somebody'. Chris Curtis had gone and his replacement John Blunt is heard here. Curtis' role as the band's announcer and cheer leader was taken over by Frank Allen, who does what he can to get a response from me reticent Swedish audience.     

Of the three shows, the 1967 set boasts the most unified sound - and seems to be recorded a studio rather than a theatre. The first five songs are all dominated by a bright-sounding guitar which fits the folk rock template. The band appear ill at ease when they launch into 'When You Walk In The Room’ with Blunt’s heavy-handed drumming giving the performance a stilted feel. Yet the version of 'Needles And Pins' sounds confident and together. Although 1967 was the year in which improvisation became the norm in popular music, The Searchers played it straight.

‘Have You Ever Loved Somebody’ sticks close to the single version - as does 'Western Union'. As they had with their two previous Swedish radio shows, The Searchers close their set with a rocking finale, in this case a version of Mitch Ryder's 'See See Rider' / 'Jenny Take A Ride' medley.