Sweets For My Sweet / It's All Been A Dream

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Sweets For My Sweet b/w It's All Been A Dream

Pye 7N.15533, released June 1963

Between two Starclub engagements the Searchers had the chance to play their demonstration record to producer Tony Hatch. He was especially delighted by SWEETS FOR MY SWEET.

They recorded it for a proper release b/w IT'S ALL BEEN A DREAM (written by Chris Crummey = Curtis). Both songs were sung lead by Tony Jackson wtih Mike Pender providing the harmony vocal. First it seemed as if the record wouldn't do too well. Meanwhile the Searchers were back in Hamburg. Then they got the chance to play and sing at a television show in England (Thank Your Lucky Stars). But having a contract at the Starclub, they had to pay for getting out of it. As history showed that was the best thing they could have done. After the TV broadcast the single started to climb up the charts  to no. one

above: German record, below: Australian release and Australian sheet music

Netherlands Sweden, version one Sweden, version two
far left: Japanese release

middle: South Africa, first release on the Parlophone label

left: later realease from SA, this time on Pye

 left: single from New Zealand

 below: The single from the Netherlands


Usually It's All Been A Dream appears together with Sweets For My Sweet (singles and EPs). But in 1964 an EP was released that included the song without Sweets...

(Vogue PNV 24120)

The upcoming releases of Sweets For My Sweet (on LPs and EPs) are a part of the next page: Meet The Searchers.