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Tony's fourth single, 'Stage Door', also had a measure of controversy. Although it was denied at -the time, a version was cut using Andrew Oldham as a producer. An acetate  in the 'Strange Things' archives reveals an orchestrated version — with Tony's voice aligning itself perfectly with the sweeping strings on Oldham's arrangement. Such a move may have broken Tony's production deal — whatever the truth a second attempt had to be recorded and it was this version that finally appeared. (Pye 7N.15876 release date: July 1965, didn't chart)

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Jackson and his band were dropped by Pye in 1965, after the failure of their single "Stage Door"—the B-side, "That's What I Want," was a surprisingly forward looking record with some strong fuzz-guitar, courtesy of Ian Buisel, and sometimes gets cited as a prime piece of proto-punk.

by Bruce Eder

below: Tony's only USA release on the Red Bird Label, catalogue number 10-038.

After four singles and just one of them in the lower regions of the charts Tony must have been desperate. But he got another chance by CBS (the European name of America's Columbia Records)