During their time at Liberty Records the Searchers cut two songs that were released under another name: Pasha. The two songs - again written by their producer Kenny Young - were: 

Somebody Shot The Lollipop Man sung by Frank with Mike  and

Pussy Willow Dream sung by Mike with Frank. (Erroneously credited as Pussy Willow Dragon on the label.)


Release date was June 1969 and it came out in the UK and the Netherlands on Liberty LBF 15199.


The are two possibilities for choosing a pseudonym: Either the Searchers wanted to try it with another name, thinking that Searchers was totally out of date or they found both songs so bad that they didnít want to use their good name.

As a fan I would prefer possibility two but back in 1969 German Pop Magazin Bravo wrote that the Searchers might try a comeback with another name.


The Pasha single saw the light of day again on 1989 when Repertoire released the German French And Rare Recordings cd. (See my page about The French Songs).


Frank Allen says about it:

<< It is indeed true that it was the name of Kenny Young`s dog. The critic mentioned was Jonathan King and he wasn`t being malicious. Just sardonic. We used thew other name to give  us two bites of the cherry and to explore the possibilities of overcoming preconceived images  of a group that was somewhat out of favour.>>


(Thanks to Wendy Burton)