March 19th, 1965: The fourth Pye LP (their 5th altogether: Live At The Starclub) was released, the first one with Frank, titled Sounds Like Searchers. PYE NPL 18111, entered the LP-charts on March 27th, 1965, reached number eight and stayed for five weeks. Compared to their other Pye LPs this one was not so successful.

Track Title Leadsingers   Track Title Leadsingers
A1 Everbody Come And Clap Your Hands Frank   B1 Let The Good Times Roll Mike, Chris & Frank
A2 If I Could Find Someone Mike & Chris   B2 A Tear Fell Mike
A3 Magic Potion Chris   B3 Till You Say You'll Be Mine Mike & Chris
A4 I Don't Want To Go On Without You Chris & Mike   B4 You Wanna Make Her Happy Mike & Chris
A5 Bumble Bee Mike   B5 Everything You Do John & Frank
A6 Something You Got Baby Mike   B6 Goodnight Baby Mike

Sounds Like Searchers was published in the following countries with the same title and front cover and slightly differences on the back cover:
UK Pye Records NPL 18111 March 1965
SA Pye Teal PL 2026 1965
Phili Pye Dyny NPL 18111 1965
NZ Pye Records NPL 18111 1965
Israel Piccadilly PH 30165 1965
Can Pye Alied NPL 30056 1965
Aus Astor PLP 1131 1965
Uruguay Pye Antar 12.613 1965
Argentina Pye Music Hall 12.613 1965
In the following countries the lp war released under the title: Alla VamosThe Searchers


Uruguay Pye Antar 12.613 1965
Argentina Pye Music Hall 12.613 1965


above: Canada above: Australia
above: Israel above: New Zealand
above: Philippines above: South Africa
above and below: promo and regular LP from Argentina  
below: back cover and label B-side from Uruguay  
In Germany Vogue released the LP titled simply The Searchers and choose another image for the cover. Catalogue No. LDVS 17035. S stands for stereo but the songs are in mono.
Below: US release from February 1965, Kapp   KL 1412 (mono) and 3412 (stereo), entered the charts on March 20th, 1965, reached number 46 and stayed for nine weeks. Compared to the UK records two things are different: Let The Good Times Roll was substituted by their latest single hit What Have They Done To The Rain. And only in the USA the lp came out in true stereo. So these versions remained unheard in the rest of the world until the Searchers Collection CDs a few years ago. But because of substition no stereo version of Let The Good Times Roll is available.
above: Front cover of the stereo lp   below: label of the stereo version Above: The mono version
Right after Bumble Bee entered the US charts Kapp decided to add the title on the front cover. Also below the rare Tape release

The singles taken from the album - except Bumble Bee (a page of its own)

above: Australian single, didn't chart
  above and left: Single from Sweden, reached No. 6, the only chart success by   the group with a Frank Allen lead vocal.
above: two different covers from the Netherlands Pye Negram 7NH 109
The two tracks were also released in France, using the green NL cover, only the label is a bit different
above: Philippines, Everybody... / Magic Potion Pye 334 below: Philippines: A Tear... / You Wanna Make ... Pye 336, 2 different labels

The EPs with songs taken (mainly) from the album Sounds Like Searchers (again without Bumble Bee, see page of its own)
Four By Four:   Till You Say You'll Be I Don't Want  Everybody Come And  You Wanna Make Her Happy
First released in the UK Nov. 1965    Mine To Go Without You Clap Your Hands  
Pye Records NEP 24228 UK        
Astor NEP 24228 AUS        
Pye Records NEP 24228 SW        
Pye Records PE 1023 SA        
Piccadilly PC 17068 Israel        
Pye Records NEP 24228 NZ        
Goodbye My Love   Goodbye My Love Till I Met You Everybody Come And  Something You Got Baby
        Clap Your Hands  
Pye Records PYEP 2074 SP        
below: UK record, didn't chart
above: Sweden New Zealand and left: Australia

below: Spanish EP