Seven month after their latest record the Searchers released a new single: Sing Singer Sing coupled with Come On Back To Me. Both songs were sung by Mike Pender - with a little help from Frank Allen.
And both sides were credited to McNally, Pender, Allan as songwriters, but actually John wrote the A-Side, Mike Come On Back To Me.


The song - both sides a Searchers Production(!) - didnít chart in the UK but it did in Bangkog  where it went to number one (Sounds somehow obscure to me).

above: from New Musical Express from Billboard  

ďAs the two whizz kid producers presented so far had provided no successful results we decided to take matters into our own hands and went into the studios with nothing but a few selfpenned songs and some vague idea of what we wanted to sound like. Of the tracks put down it was one of John McNally's, an attractive tune written in waltz time, that seemed to have the most appeal. But a waltz did not exactly fit the idea of what the public would go for. The solution? Change the rhythm and the meter to something more commercial while retaining the actual lyrics and melody' What we ended up with was a quite catchy reggae style song with a mass chorus that with a bit of luck we thought might just insinuate itself into the consciousness of our defecting customers and drag them back into the fold. This was not to be, but for one week Sing Singer Sing sat at the number one position of the charts in Bangkok.Ē  

Frank Allen: The Searchers And Me  Castle-upon-Alun 20099, page 260

right: from Record Mirrow