January 1967 Ė the Searchers released their next single: Popcorn Double Feature, b/w Lovers (written by John McNally but credited to McNally / Pender). Catalogue number was Pye 7N-17225. It was their first single that didnít chart in the UK.
The A-side was sung by Mike Pender with Frank Allen assisting. The flip side was sung by Mike alone.

Aus Astor AP 1332
DK Pye Records    7N 17225
Ire Pye Records 7N 17225
Lebanon Pye Records PM 016
NL Pye Records 7N 17225
NZ Pye Records 7N 17225
Phi Pye Dyna Records PYE - 427
Turkey Pye Records 7N 17225
UK Pye Records 7N 17225
US Kapp Records K-811

Above: UK release, promo and two different pressings. Below: Cover from Denmark, which contained the UK pressing.
above: Australian single, below: New Zealand  
above: Philippines, below: The Netherlands and one of the few releases from Turkey.
left: Discussion with producer Tony Hatch, John Blunt is not  involved. Below: One of the rarest releases, the only one from Lebanon