Three new recordings (Desdemona, Love Is Everywhere & Sing Singer Sing) didn’t bring the much wanted success for the Searchers. So RCA came back to their original plan they had in mind with the boys: To rerecord their hits.

So in August 1972 the “new” version of Needles And Pins was issued.

Catalogue Number was RCA 2248, coupled with one of their best songs When You Walk In The Room plus Come On Back To Me - already issued on the single before (Sing Singer Sing). The record didn’t chart.

Needles And Pins is sung by Mike with Frank and John (taking over Chris’ part) supporting him, same goes for the other tracks.

So When You Walk… is rather different to the original. Then Frank and Mike were singing together with Chris doing harmony vocals. But it was Frank’s voice that dominated the song, now it is Mike’

Although not a success altogether another pressing wwas available in the UK, the one shown above, the other one is below with MAXI SINGLE above the catalogue number. Far below is the South African release with MAXI the top an a different catalgue number 46-103 and the regular number (2248) printed in brackets.