After the success of the single an LP was immediately recorded immediately, containing the A - side of the single plus songs from their stage act. The LP entered the charts on August 10th 1963, went up to no. 2 (Beatles preventing them from being no. 1) and stayed for 21 weeks. In January 1964 it re-entered the charts, rising to no. 5. It stayed for 23 weeks now, totally 44 weeks, almost a year. A real big success for the Searchers.

The LP was re-released many times on vinyl and as cd (at least here in Germany). First re-release goes back to 67.


Australia Astor PLP 1121  
UK Pye Records NPL 18036  
Israel Piccadilly TH 30091  
Canada Pye Alied NPL 30043  
New Zealand Pye Records NPL 18036  
Peru Pye Records NPL 18036 two different covers
Philippines Pye Dyny NPL 18036  
South Africa Parlophone PMJC 59  
Ireland Pye Records NPL 18036  

There might be other countries like Sweden, Denmark etc. (Sorry, no information)


American Section (and Taiwan!)

Meet the Searchers / Needles & Pins (Kapp KL-1363 - mono- and KS-3363 - stereo - came out in the USA in March 1964 and contained 5 songs from the British LP with the same name. It went to no. 10 and stayed 16 weeks in the charts. The songs: A2 Since You Broke My Heart A4 Alright A5 Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya A6 Trick Dicky B3 Farmer John   (True stereo, unavailable in Europe back then)

This Is Us came out in July 1964 and included Love Potion No. 9, before it became a hit record. (Kapp KL 1409 - mono - and KS 3409 - stereo

The same LP was released in Tawain (Formosa SFWK-CE):

Singles taken from the album, except Sweets For My Sweet (see it's own page) and Love Potion No. 9 which was released in many countries after it had become a hit in the USA. The earlier releases are listed (and shown - if available).
above and below: the two Australien releases, both from 1964  
First German release of Framer John b/w Tricky Dicky, released in December 1963
Next single came out in February 1964 and was Money b/w a song from Sugar & Spice LP called Hungry For Love
Next single in Germany goes back to June 1964: Alright, which was choosen to be the B-Side of Some Day We're Gonna Love Again. Probabely Vogue didn't consider One One Else Could Love Me - the original B-Side - to be strong enough.
Vogue decided to rerelease Framer John / Tricky Dicky again in 1965 - maybe after the success of Love Potion No. 9. There were two different labels used: the regular German Vogue and the UK Pye, using the same catalogue number.

Greece: Farmer John / Love Potion... Alright / Ain't Gonna...

















above: Single from 1964, the B-Side came from Meet The Searchers: Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Pye LL 631 -Y). The original B-Side to Don't Throw Your Love Away is I Pretend I'm With You. Probabely Pye in Japan thought their choice was a better one.

on the right also goes back to the time before Love Potion .. was a hit. This time the UK-A-Side become the B-Side in Japan, Love Potion No. 9 was the leading track. (Pye LL 646 -Y)


above: Twist And Shout / Farmer John (Pye NH (H=Holland only) 102, released in 1963 above: Second release goes back to 1965, Pye NH 113, cover see below
1st single from the Philippines was Since You Broke My Heart / Money Pye Dyna Records Pye 266 which was a 78rpm record.

above: 2nd single release from the Philippines, Alright / Da Doo Ron Ron Pye Dyna Records PYE - 304 and the A-Side of the 4th single Where Have All The Flowers Gone (B-Side was taken from It's The Searchers LP).


right: The 3rd release was Love Potion No. Nine / Farmer John Pye Dyna Records PYE - 305. All four singles came out in 1964.

above: SA single, B-Side was Do Doo Ron Ron. In 1964 Pye released Do Do Ron Ron with Sweet Nothin's. Pye Teal Records PY 8. So this is the second combination of Pye / Starclub recordings.

above middle and right: two different pressing of the American single, A-Side was Ain't That Just Like Me. Cover see Sugar & Spice page.

An overview:

Track Country  Label Catalogue Number
Alright    Australia Astor AP 1065
Ainít Gonna Kiss Ya Australia Astor AP 1046
Ainít Gonna Kiss Ya Greece Pye Records GP-3215
Ainít Gonna Kiss Ya USA Kapp Records K-584  
Alright Germany Vogue DV 14176
Alright Greece Pye Records GP-3215
Alright Philippines Pye Dyna Records PYE - 304
Da Doo Ron Ron Philippines Pye Dyna Records PYE - 304
Farmer John Australia Astor AP 1065
Farmer John Germany Vogue DV 14083  
Farmer John Germany Vogue / Pye DV 14365
Farmer John Greece Pye Records GP-3214
Farmer John Netherlands Pye 7NH 102
Farmer John Philippines Pye Dyna Records PYE - 305
Love Potion Number Nine Philippines Pye Dyna Records PYE - 305
Love Potion Number Nine Australia Astor AP 1046
Love Potion Number Nine Greece Pye Records GP-3214
Love Potion Number Nine Japan Pye Records LL - 646 - Y
Money Germany Vogue DV 14111
Money Netherlands Pye Negram 7 NH 113
Money Philippines Pye Dyna Records PYE - 266
Since You Broke My Heart Philippines Pye Dyna Records PYE - 266
Tricky Dicky Germany Vogue DV 14083  
Tricky Dicky Germany Vogue / Pye DV 14365
Tricky Dicky Peru Pye Records 7N 15503
Twist And Shout Peru Pye Records 7N 15503
Twist And Shout  Netherlands Pye 7NH 102
Where Have All The Flowers Gone Japan Pye Records LL - 631 - Y
Where Have All The Flowers Gone Netherlands Pye Negram 7 NH 113
Where Have All The Flowers Gone Philippines Pye Dyna Records PYE - 324


EP Section

Release date for their first EP was August 1963, Pye NEP 24177. It entered the EP charts on Sep. 19th  1963, reached no. 1 and stayed for 23 weeks. Sales were so high that it made no. 10 in the single charts. (Did you know that PJ Proby wrote Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya?)
above: both from New Musical Express  
above: The Australian EP, same tracks in the same order.

below: EP from Israel, Top Hits 1737 (also released on the Piccadilly label, NEP 24177) front cover: see UK


left: EP from New Zealand, also Pye NEP 24177


above: South African cover, Pye PE 1001

below: Spanish EP, Pye PYEP 2052


As soon as possible Pye released a second  EP PYE NEP 24183. It entered the EP charts on Dec. 12th 1963, reached no. 5 and stayed 18 weeks. This time it contained the two sides of Sweets For My Sweet single plus Since You Broke My Heart and and Money, all sung lead by Tony except Since... where Mike shares harmony vocals.


Remark: The backcover  lists Sugar & Spice LP. Release date for the EP was September 1963, while Sugar & Spice (the LP) came out in December. Was their second LP already finished in September or are their earlier pressing of the EP with the tracks of Sugar & Spice?
far left: Australian (Astor PEP 023) and South African cover (Pye PE 1003), left: New Zealand (Pye NEP 24183) release

Israel issued three different pressing of the EP, using the same cover:

TOP HITS TO - 17036, black and red label

plus Piccadilly NEP 24183

Further EP releases from 1963 - 1965 - sorted by countries.

above: first French EP from 1963, Vogue PNV 24108

below: Vogue 24114, including Since You Broke My Heart from Meet The Searchers LP

above: third French EP (Surfin', Vogue PNV 24118) with Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya.

last French EP with a track from Meet The Searchers, this time Love Potion No. Nine (before it was a hit). Vogue PVN 24120

left: the first Spanish EP from 1963 with two different coloured covers: Pye PY EP 250.

The tracks are sung in English and not in Spanish: Sweets For My Sweet, Stand By Me, Twist And Shout and Do Doo Ron Ron.

The second one (Ain't gonna...) is shown far above

left: Swedish EP, Pye NEP 5021 with three tracks from theLP and the single B-Side: It's All Been A Dream

Above left: the only EP from Taiwan: Coliseum CLS 963, tracks not listed on the cover are Alright and Since You Broke My Heart. Above middle the first of those two Mexican EPs, titles printed in Spanish but of course the original songs were used: Love Potion No. 9 and Sweets For My Sweet; the two remaining songs are Sugar & Spice and Needles and Pins. Release date was 1965 (Pye Gamma GX 07-193). A second EP came out in the same year, this time all four tracks were taken from Meet The Searchers LP: Twist and Shout, Alright, Stand By Me and Money.

Thailand had an enormous output of EP with four or six tracks in the sixties. Release dates are moremor less unknown.

Above left: Meet The Searchers United Artists UA 22, released in 1964; tracks see cover. Above middle: The Searchers, 5"-45 Records EE-1013 with one tracks from Meet The Searchers LP: Love Potion No.9. (The others are: Unhappy Girls and Hungry Fot Love (from Sugar & Spice) plus This Empty Place from It's The Searchers. Above right: The Searchers, 5"45 Records MT 005 / TN 25; songs Alright, Love Potion No. 9 and Sweets For My Sweet from Meet The Searchers LP plus Hungry For Love from Sugar & Spice.
Six Hits BTH-1188:

far left and middle version 1 and two, same tracks, two different coloured covers; tracks from Meet...

Love Potion No. 9, Sweets ..., Alright, Twist and Shout, Since You Broke My Heart


left second version; tracks from Meet...

Love Potion No. 9, Sweets..., Alright

above left: The Searchers, EE-1627 with the following tracks: Money, Needles And Pins, Da Doo Ron Ron, Saturday Night Out, Twist And Shout, Since You Broke My Heart.    Above middle and right: This Is Us MTR Records 76 with Love Potion No. 9 and Alright from Meet The Searchers

left: Sweets For My Sweet, UA-22

above: Love Potion No. 9, AA-901