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After Desdemona - their first single for the RCA label - had brought back some attention to the Searchers, Love Is Everywhere b/w And A Button came out in October 1971.
Track Title Composer Producer Arranger
A Love Is Everywhere Brown, Wilson Philip Swern, Johnny Arthey Johnny Arthey
B And A Button Allen, Pender, McNally Philip Swern, Johnny Arthey  
UK RCA Victor 2139 October 1971  
CA RCA 74-0652 1971  
US RCA Victor 74-0652 1971  
Portugal RCA Victor 20043 1971  
NZ RCA Victor 60566 1971  
Angola RCA Victor 20043 1971  
Trinidad & Tobago RCA Victor 74-0652 1971  

The b-side was written by Frank but credited to Alla(!)n, Pender, McNally. Frank sings his own composition with a bit of assistance by Mike. An unusual subject for the Searchers - a protest song, but not their first one.
Below: UK promo release

above: B-Side of the regular release, acetat, different pressing

"Love Is Everywhere was written by Hot Chocolate vocalist Errol Brown and the fact that it had not been used as one of their own A-sides should have given us the clue that it was possibly not one of his strongest songs. Hot Chocolate had enjoyed a string of big hits which owed as much to Brown's strong visual image and one of the most idiosyncratic vocal styles on the record scene as it did to the excellent material he rolled out with ease.
As the session ground to a close and the last notes were played and sung there was a tiny moment of tension when, fifteen minutes after Swern and Arthey had begun to mix, they pronounced the task completed. John McNally was horrified. 7e were all well aware that no matter how long and hard one had toiled in the studio it was often in the laborious yet all-important mixing process, an art form in itself, that hits were made or lost. Fortunately, they were open to reason and recommenced the task with John looking on anxiously until we eventually arived at a mix we could all accept.
The result was a workmanlike recording that was hypnotic and tuneful but once again lacked that 'difference factor' that was now needed to grab the attention of those who were to buy the product. Stripped of Brown's distinctive styling it was just another good record. It was no longer good enough to deliver a track that people might like to have."

Frank Allen: The Searchers And Me  Castle-upon-Alun 2009, page 259


above: US promo and regular single  

above: New Zealand
below: Canada
above: The one and only Searchers single ever released in Portugal  

left: part of the cover of the release from Angola. The record itself was the Portuguese pressing.
below: record from Trinidad & Tobago
Isn't it strange? Love Is Everywhere brought three countries where no other Searchers' song ever was released. And no one followed.