Trying to make as much money out of the group as possible they had to record a third lp: The release date in the UK was April 1964, Pye NPL 18092. It entered the lp charts on May 30th went to no. 4 and stayed for 17 weeks. This was better than SUGAR & SPICE lp had done.

ďIt's The Searchers was in fact the title of its second issue. On the initial cover design the words had been prefixed with the in-vogue but excruciatingly embarrassing Itís Fab, It's Gear, fab and gear being cute, if toe-curlingly mawkish, slang promoted in conversation by none other than those custodians of hip, the Beatles. But not even an endorsement from John, Paul, George and Ringo could convince them that this could do anything but rob them of their credibility. They demanded that Pye should withdraw the record and reissue it with the offending words removed. Such was their power that their demands were met although there could be little doubt that in the end the cost of such an operation would be deducted from royalties. A few stray 'Fab, Gear' copies did find their way onto the market.Ē

Frank Allen, The Searchers And Me, St. Brideís Major 2009, Page 141


UK Itís The Searchers & It's Fab, It's Gear, It's The S. Pye Records NPL 18092 Apr. 64
Ger The Searchers (Cover) -  Itís The Searchers (Label) Vogue LDV   17008 1964
SA Itís The Searchers Parlophone PMJC ?? 1964
Philippines Itís The Searchers Pye Dyny NPL 18092 1964
Taiwan Itís The Searchers World Record SLW 1561 1964
Aus Itís The Searchers Astor PLP 1125 1964
NZ Itís The Searchers Pye Records NPL 18092 1964
Argentina Itís The Searchers (Asi Somos) Pye Music Hall 12568 1964
Canada Itís The Searchers Pye NPL 30047 1964

Although the back cover tells us WHO SINGS WHAT there have to be done some corrections: Mike sings lead on IT'S IN HER KISS; SEA OF HEARTBREAK; SHIMMY SHIMMY, NEEDLES AND PINS, CAN'T HELP FORGIVING YOU and DON'T THROW YOUR LOVE AWAY (often supported by Chris). The rest of WHO SINGS WHAT is correct.
SURE KNOW A LOT ABOUT LOVE (a remake of their Star Club recording) is the last Tony Jackson vocal for the group).
HI HEEL SNEAKERS is John's first Pye solo.

above: German release on the Vogue label

above and below: Canadian LP, 12 tracks only, omitting Needles... and Don't Throw...but they are mentioned in Who Sings What

   rare Canadian misprint:Tracks belong to Meet The  Searchers from 1963
Above and below: Record from Argentina, here titled Asi Somos which means: As We Are

Similar LPs

USA This Is Us Kapp  KL 1409 (mono) 1964
USA This Is Us Kapp KS 3409 (stereo) 1964
USA This Is Us Kapp Tape KTL 41086 1964
USA This Is Us Kapp Little LP KS 3409 (stereo) 1964
Thailand This Is Us Formosa Records SFWK-CE 1964
South Africa Shake Pye PL 2001 1965
Japan Love Potion No. 9 SLP Stereophonic IX 2244 T 1965

above: US stereo record, below tape version of This Is Us

on the left: release Thailand, track list see US LP, below US Little LP
Japanese LP from 1965

An Overview

The Singles

above: Rare single released in Peru, Pye 7N.15505. Below Sea Of Heartbreak as single A-side from Denmark.

Hi Heel sneakers - the B-side of the American success Love Potion No. 9 - was also taken from It's The Searchers. (see Love Potion No. 9.) Others tracks (Sea Of Heartbeak, This Empty Place and Can't Help Forgiving You) from that LP were used for the EP The Searchers Play The System.Early 1965 Pye Spain released What Have They Done To The Rain / This Feeling Inside together with two tracks from It's The Searchers: It's In Her Kiss and This Empty Place.