Beside their four songs sung in French the Searchers also released three singles in German between 1963 and 1965.
First release came out in December 1963 on the German Vogue label DV-14116

Suess ist sie - their no. 2 UK hit Sugar And Spice was the A-side. And just like the English version Tony and Mike sang it. (Suess ist sie = She Is Sweet). The other side was taken from their first album: Money - here titled Liebe which means Love. Again Tony sang lead - just like on the English version. The song gained some airplay but it didn’t chart.


Needles And Pins also hit the charts in Germany - so Pye decided to try it again with a  song sung in German. Tausend Nadelstiche (1000 Needle Pricks) was the title, coupledwith a German version of Farmer John from their 1st LP.Release date for this single (Vogue DV-14130) was February 1964.

above: German single with two slightly different front covers and different back covers.

Leadsingers correspond with the original versions: Mike sings lead on Tausend Nadelstiche - assisted by Chris and it’s Tony’s turn to sing Farmer John. (The title is still in English the rest of the words in German of course.) New Musical Express (see article above) tells us that Mike sings lead in opposite to the English version where Tony is the leadsinger. This is wrong, of course but NME might not have realized the difference.
The German audience preferred the English version so Tausend Nadelstiche didn’t chart.

Goodbye My Love was quite a success for the group in Germany which lead into their last German language single: Verzeih’ My Love (Pardon, My Love) backed with Wenn ich dich seh’ (When I See You) which was When You Walk In The Room. Verzeih’ My Love was like the original - leadsinger Mike Pender with Chris singing the same parts as on the English version. Wenn ich dich seh’ was different to the UK release: Mike (instead of Frank sings lead - and Frank and Chris do the harmony vocals.
DV-14338 came out in August 1965 and it didn’t chart.

above: Two different labels released in Germany