above and right:

from NME

Things were going down a bit for the Searchers. So it was time for a strong new song. Chris Curtis came up with an American record, title: Goodbye, My Lover, Goodbye. (See his remarks about the song and the recording). Retitled Goodbye My Love and coupled with one of the most beautiful ballads ever - Till I Met You - written by John McNally for his wife Mary. The record came out February 1965. It got much attention in the music press, the song was considered their best since Needles & Pins. Both songs were sung by Mike & Chris, harmony vocal by Frank.

above: UK promo, below: three different pressings of the single

left, above and below: from Record Mirror

Label Cat. No. Highest Weeks on
      position the charts
Australia Astor AP 1109 27  
Canada Pye Records PYE 770 21 6
Denmark Pye Records    7N 15794    
France Pye Negram 7N 15794    
Germany Vogue DV 14328 16 15
Ireland Pye Records    7N 15794 7 7
Italy Pye Records 45 NP 5050    
Japan Pye Records LL - 767 - Y    
Netherlands Pye Negram 7N 15794  7 17
New Zealand Pye Records 7N 15794    
Norway Pye Records    7N 15794       
Philippines Pye Dyna Records PYE - 328      
South Africa Pye Teal Records PY   28    
Sweden Pye Records  7N 15794 13 1
UK Pye Records 7N 15794  Try 4 11
USA Kapp Records K-658 52 7


above: Australia
below: Canada

above left: from Record Collector, above right: from Record Mirror
below: Denmark, two different coloured covers and two ifferent pressings
below: French single, no picture cover

Below: German single: different pressings: the common Vogue label and the very rare red Pye label.

above: German picture cover, left the original, although the photo is inverse. Right: the corrected version

                     above: Irish release, left: Italy

      below: from NME & RM

  above and left: Japanese record

above: two different covers and labels from the Netherlands, below Norway and Sweden, using the Norwegian pressing but have different covers

above: New Zealand, below: Philippines, three different pressings

below: South Africa

above: US promo
below: regular release

Finally read what Frank Allen rites about recording Goodbye My Love in his book Me and The Searches:

“Goodbye My Love was a haunting tune that had been recorded by an American

called Jimmy Hughes although his preferred title had been Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye for the us market, the same title that had been used in a previous recording by one of the song,s trio of composers Robert Mosley. It had first been played to the band by Big Dee Irwin while in tour in 1964 but we didn't have the Hughes disc and we didn't know who the publisher was. But luck was with us. Gene Pitney just happened to be in town and, hearing that we were at Pye, dropped in to say hello. We were talking about the Hughes record which it turned out Gene knew very well indeed.' We had booked the Great Cumberland Place set-up for two days and the next day Pitney had obtained a demo and had it sent round to us. We got on with it straight away.

It was an exciting session. We had to make an impact with this one so we went for a big sound and for the first time double-tracked the drums, something that might have been second nature to Phil Spector but which was seldom tried by producers in Britain. (…)

John McNally devised a captivating 'swishing' sound on his rhythm guitar which gave an intriguing focal point to the track. We took our time to obtain as near a perfect result as we could and it was night time before we got round to overdubbing the vocals.

As was the norm we double-tracked the voices to get a bigger and more impressive sound, which would be souped up even more in the final mix by an ethereal echo, and in the pursuit of a faultless result it was necessary to stop and 'drop in' from time to time.

It was now gone midnight and a passage immediately preceding the middle eight - or the bridge - had to be done again. Mike and Chris sang the harmonies and stopped, happy that they had been in time and in tune. (…)

On the flip side was a song that has proved to be our most enduring and loved composition - Till I Met You. I have seen it credited to Curtis and Pender and I have also seen it marked down as a combined effort from the entire group. In fact this beautiful song with its simple and moving words was written byJohn McNally alone for his wife Mary.”

 Frank Allen: The Searchers And Me  Castle-upon-Alun 20099, page 1178 - 180