In May 1964 the Searchers stayed in France and performed at the famous Olympia. As they were rather successful Vogue asked them to record some of their tracks in French. The Searchers agreed and sang French vocals to the backing tracks - produced for the originals. In France EPs (so called Super 45 Tours) were common, two track singles ( 45 Tours Simples) were only made for music boxes.
The EP didnít sell well, so not too many copies were made. This makes their French ep one of their rarest records ever - hard to find and very expensive.

The tracks and the leadsingers of this Vogue ep: PNV 24121, release date 05/1964 

Cíest Arrive Comme Ca = Donít Throw Your Love Away (Mike with Chris)

Cíest De Notre Age = Sugar And Spice (Tony with Mike)

Mais Cíetait Un Reve = Itís All Been A Dream (Mike and Chris)

Ils La Chantaient Il Y A Longtemps = Saints And Searchers (Chris)

What is different to their English sung originals?

Itís All BeenÖ is sung by Tony - the French version by Mike.

Saints And Searchers is also sung by Tony - in French it is done by Chris.


For Ils La Chantaient Il Y A Longtemps the stereo version of the

English original was used - but only one channel with the result

that Mikeís leadguitar is hardly to be heard.


Two of the songs appeared on a juke box only single: 45 PVN. 15191

The Searchers never made it really big in France, they charted only twice with Needles and Goodbye My Love and I donít think they play there much these days - if at all.. 

Finally, hereís the translation of the French titles into English (done by a German)

C'est arrive comme ca * It has happened just like that (Donít Throw Your Love Away)
C'est de notre age * Itís normal for people of our age (Sugar And Spice)
Mais c'etait un rťve * But it was a dream (Itís All Been A Dream)
Ils la chantaient il y a longstemps * They sang it a long time ago (Saints And Searchers)

(Thanks to Raoul & Tim)