The Searchers now were on top, only second to the Beatles. Their fourth Pye single DON'T THROW YOUR LOVE AWAY / I PRETEND I'M WITH YOU was another smash hit for the group, their 3rd (and last) no. 1 in the UK.
The A-side was sung again by Mike, supported by Chris, the B-side - written by Chris - also featured Mike as leadsinger with back-up vocals by Chris and John. No Tony is to be heard, I wonder if he plays bass at all.

Record Company Catalgue No Country Picture Cover Charts Entry Peak Weeks
Pye Records 7N.15630 UK no 16.04.1964 1 11
Kapp Records K-593 US no 30.05.1964 16 11
Parlophone SPD 309 South Africa no      
Vogue  DV 14147 Germany yes 06.06.1964 39 8
Pye Records 7N 15630 Denmark yes   4  
Pye Records 7N 15630 Netherlands yes (3)   16  
Pye Records PYE 733 Canada no      
Astor AP-1047 Australia no   9  
Pye Records 7N-15630 New Zealand no    1  
Top Hits (5) TO-4564 Israel yes      
Vogue  45 PV 15190 France no      
Pye LL-631-Y Japan yes      
Pye Records 7N 15630 Norway yes      
Pye Records 7N 15630 Sweden yes      
Pye Records 7N 15630 Ireland no   1 8

above: three different UK - pressings, below: Sheet Music pro UK


above: Australian release, below left: Canada, below right: Denmark

above: from NME and South African label, below: from Israel

below: USA promo and three different pressings

The Searchers performing Don't Throw Your Love Away at the New Musical Poll Winners' Concert, Wembley Station. Chris accounced the song as their latest record. Just like Needles & Pins (live) Mike and Tony sing the song together with Chris doing high harmonies.

Below: German release

above: two different pressings from New Zealand, above right: Norwegian release

below: label A- and B-Side from the Netherlands plus three different covers

above: Sweden, Japan (with Where Have All The Flowers Gone and French B-Sideon the right: French A-Side

The EP Section

France Don't Throw Your Love Away Don't Throw Your Love Away Vogue PNV 24120
    I Pretend I'm With You    
    It's All Been A Dream    
    Love Potion No. 9    

USA This Is Us Don't Throw Your Love Away Kapp Records KBS 985 / KS-3409
    Hungry For Love Mini LP for Music Boxes  
    This Empty Place    
    It's In Her Kiss    
    Sea Of Heartbreak    
    I Pretend I'm With You    
Sweden Don't Throw Your Love Away Donít Throw Your Love Away Pye Records NEP 5031
    Hungry For Love    
    I Pretend Iím With You    
    Donít Cha Know    
Spain Don't Throw Your Love Away Don't Throw Your Love Away Pye Records PYEP 2055
    I Pretend I'm With You    
    Hungry For Love    
    Don't Cha Know    


Thailand This Is Us
MTR Records 76


Don't Throw Your Love Away
Unhappy Girls
Hungry For Love
Love Potion No. 9
Saturday Night Out


The LP Section

There was no lp the group released after the big success of the single, but it was added to their UK and German album It's The Searchers. Those twelve tracks - without Needles.. & Don't ... wouldn't have been enough to fill the lp. And those singles might have been helpful to boost sales. The South African lp "Shake" was more or less a compilation lp with various Searchers tracks, including Don't ...

Both tracks of the single were part "This Is Us", released in the USA and Thailand.