Chris Curtis left the Searchers in April 1966, two months later he released his one and only single titled Aggravation written by Joe South and b/w Have I Done Something Wrong written by himself.

In the UK, in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark it came out on Pye, 7N - 17132. In Australia it was on the Astor label AP 1269.

The only known chart entry was in Sweden, the song entered the hitparade on August 27th, reached number nine and stayed for three weeks.

Chris appeared at Ready Steady Go on July 1st, 1966 (together with the Hollies and Dusty Springfield).

Because of this unsuccessful single Pye wasn’t interested in further recordings by Chris.

Promo and two different pressings of the single release from the UK


Record Collector: And your solo single was “Aggravation”, certainly a song with a message!

CC: Yeah, don’t give me any, that’s it. It’s a Joe South song and it had a good riff. I had Jimmy Page, Joe Moretti, John Paul Jones and Vic Flick on that record. I did my Tom Jones hard rock voice and I was really loud. I knew I had a voice that would record well but it wouldn’t have worked with Tony Hatch as he was not a funky chap. I just did the one single ‘cause I’d had enough. I’d shown I could do it.

below left: UK Sheet Music. Note the mistake: Tommy Roe as writer.    Below: NL cover  (both use a 1966 photo)

above: NL label, right: Australian single, B-side

above: Australianrecord, A-side

right: Swedish and Danish release

below: Swedish label and cover, using an 1965 photo